Love of Learning As soon as you enter our facility, you will see why there is no other child care center like us. All Start Academy has been dedicated to children and learning for more than a decade. It is a place where kids and parents feel secure. Where play is a priority, and seen as the way kids learn to grow mentally, socially and emotionally.
Awesome Teachers Our highly qualified and loving degreed teachers are here to provide a nurturing , secure and developmentally appropriate environment for children, incorporating the diverse needs of individual families within the community. Low child to teacher ratios and small classroom sizes allow greater personal attention for each and every child.
Joy and Excitement Because children learn differently than adults, they have special needs and require special attention. They need hands-on experiences and get-on-the-floor teachers. They need warmth and attention. They need enthusiasm and encouragement. Most of all they need the joy and challenge of doing it themselves.
Tell a Friend We are honored when you recommend All Start Academy to your friends and family. When someone you refer to us joins our school, we want to say thank you. After their fourth week at All Start Academy, we will credit you one week free. So, get the word out and make sure they tell us that you referred them!



  • Infant/Toddlers

    We do lots of hands-on activities with our babies for sensory exploration and discovery. We have a large room for them to…

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  • Twos

    With our two year olds, we encourage language and exploration based play. As they learn to move their bodies and interact with…

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  • Threes

    Our threes are ready for more of a preschool environment and enjoy circle time, arts and crafts, music, Spanish and story time.…

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  • Pre-K

    This class prepares the children for success in kindergarten. Our Pre-K and Kindergarten teachers work closely together. We send home weekly homework…

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  • Kindergarten

    Our private kindergarten is based on state standards and emphasizes early reading, social skills, math, science and social studies. Our ratio is…

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  • School Age After School Program

    Our older children get personalized homework assistance from our teachers. After homework is completed, the children are invited to participate in various…

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Summer Fun

Our summers are full of fun!  It is important to take a break from the stresses of the school year and just explore.  At All Start Academy, we strive to plan lots of fun activities, carefully choosing ones that will engage children's minds.  That means working on art projects, playing educational games, reading for pleasure, building and creating.  We take more field trips than most schools.  We think it is important to get the children out and exploring their world. Here are some of the trips we have taken with our summer programs:

  • Fire Station tours
  • Library tours
  • San Bernardino Museum
  • Picnics
  • Skating
  • Bowling
  • Water park
  • Lytle Creek
  • Movies
  • Local parks
  • Meet the K-9 Police
  • Metrolink